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Mrs Gold is like ”oh hell no.” (x)

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Regina Mills Appreciation Week ♚ Day Two

Favorite Scene ♥︎ True Love’s Kiss
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Can you imagine a love like that?

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Emma so happy to be home. She needs to see her parents.

The smile on her face and the way she runs towards the barn doors.

This scene deserves so much more credit. I was right there running with her (mentally of course) Every time I watch this my heart just jumps with joy because (other than 3x11) it’s the first time you see Emma need her Mom and Dad. 

She actually looks like a cutie 8 year old running home after a day of playing with friends. Going home to tell her parents about her adventures. 

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Uhm, it was in a men’s bathroom. I was standing at the, you know, doing my business. And somebody said; “oh, I love you on that show!” and he was right beside me.
—Colin O’donoghue, on what’s the most awkward place he’s been recognized.  (via captaincronut)
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Two lies and a truth (x)

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#never over the ayebrow and the little smile when jen leans over for a hug #or actual puppy colin leaning in for some snuggling #or actual 5-year-old colin pouting (✿◠‿◠) [x]

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Jen and Colin being adorable at comic con.

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Once Upon A Time | Frozen

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MAKE ME CHOOSE » Older Astrid or Younger Astrid

Asked by whatever-fangirl

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HTTYD and HTTYD 2 Openings

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'Come with me.' - 'I can't.'

Allow me to overanalyze this scene a little. There is so much hope and desire in Guy’s expression when he asks Eep to go with him. He gives her this bleak little smile and swallows, his lips flattened; a sign of distress that sometimes even indicates an attempt to hold back tears or keep the mouth from turning down in sadness - you can clearly see that Guy is trying to keep his smile up.

When Eep refuses (I could go deep on how her body language indicates anxiety but I want to get to the point) you see that smile of Guy disappear in the last gif, there’s this one little moment where his hope just crushes, and again he flattens his lips. He just accepts that he’s going to continue his journey without Eep, and his adorable personality makes it seem like it’s not a big deal (‘If you survive - call me!’) but these few frames tell so much about him.

I can hear my heart breaking a little because this boy has been on his own for most of his lifetime and then all of a sudden there’s Eep and he probably doesn’t know why, but he wants to have her by his side. The second he asked Eep to join him he made the decision not to ride the sun alone.

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